Download Fortnite for PS4/PS3 in 2020 (Controller & Bundle)

Fortnite For PS4 and PS3 is now the talk of the town! Sony PlayStation 4 is officially supporting the Fortnite: Battle Royale game from the Epic games.

So for those of you who are owners of this great console, you may now congratulate yourself because you can have Fortnite for PS4. For the older console which is the PlayStation 3, this is not going to be fun for you. Fortnite for PS3 is not about to port on this console due to some hardware limitations and software compatibility.

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If you are wondering if the game is free to download on PS4, the answer is a resounding “Yes.” The Fortnite: Battle Royale has always been free on all platforms. It is just the “Save The World” campaign that is a paid version. But still, both games are premium even if the former game pack is a free one.

To get the Fortnite for PS4, you will only need to head to the PlayStation Store and download it. You will not be required to have an existing PlayStation Plus subscription to access all its features. Just make sure to have a working and decent internet service.

Now, for all PlayStation 4 owners who have not done downloading any game from the PlayStation Store, this is the article for you. We have prepared a short step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

But if you already know how to do it and you are only here for the confirmation, you may go ahead and get your Fortnite Battle Royale installed on your PS4 now. For the rest of you, here is what you should do.

How to Download and Install Fortnite for PS4

This tutorial is easy to understand and follow. You will never get this wrong if you follow the steps properly. You should be over this in a few clicks. Then you can start rocking the Fortnite venues sooner than you think. Here’s how it’s done.

  1. The first thing you should do is go to the PlayStation Store. It should be on the left side of your PS4 console’s main menu. Just scroll your way through your left, and you will find it.
  2. Once you do find it, click on it to enter the store.
  3. On top of the main user interface or the homepage, you should see the “Search” button. It is just next to the “Cart” button. Click on it to access the search service.
  4. Now scroll through the characters by typing the “Fortnite” word. You do not need to write the entire ”Fortnite Battle Royale” title.
  5. Choose the Fortnite o the search result to go to the Fortnite page.
  6. On the Fortnite main avatar, you should see the “Free Download” button. If it is not there, scroll to the right and click on the “Fortnite Battle Pass” instead.
  7. You will be directed to a new page. On that new page, you will now see the “Free Download” button just below the Fortnite avatar.
  8. Click on the “Free Download” button to start the installation.
  9. It should now show a progress button of the download.
  10. Hit the back button to go back to the PlayStation homepage. That’s it. All you will need to do is wait for the download to finish.


In case you do not know, the Fortnite game is around 10-15GB in total file size. So expect the download time to take longer than what you expect. If you have a slow internet connection, then the download could take for hours or a day for those with even slower internet speed.

Epic Games Account

Since you will be waiting for a good long period of time, perhaps you should also make sure to have an existing Epic Games account. If you know what it is and you already have one, then you can skip this procedure and wait for the download to finish.

If you have not done that or do not have an existing Epic Games account, you should create now while waiting. You may use the PlayStation 4 native web browser to go to the Epic Games official website, or you can also use your smartphone. Here is a short guide for you.

  1. On your preferred device’s web browser, go to the
  2. On the Epic Games homepage, click on the “Sign In” at the topmost corner of the page. If you are using a mobile web browser, tap on the yellow box at the top-right corner to reveal the “Sign In” button. It should be at the bottom of the menu.
  3. Once you are in, you will be greeted by the Epic Games log in page. Do not type on it yet and click or tap on the “Sign Up” button just below the login page.
  4. You can use your email directly to create an Epic Games account with your location and full name. Or you can also use your existing Sony PlayStation account by tapping on the PlayStation logo on top of the page.
  5. If you choose to use your existing Sony PlayStation account, Epic Games will request to access some of your PlayStation account basic details. Just approve it, and you should be done in a few seconds.
  6. Confirm the account creation, and you should see a confirmation message.
  7. To finalize the registration process, check your email for the verification request.
  8. Look for the Microsoft or Epic Games email in your inbox. It should contain the verification URL that is required to activate the Epic Games account.
  9. Click on the URL or link, and it will redirect you to the Epic Games verification page stating the success of the registration.
  10. That’s it. When the download finally finishes, just launch the game using the account or username that you register to Epic Games.

Some Important Reminders:

While the Fortnite is free to download and play, there are items within the game that require money to use. These items are mostly cosmetics and intended to customize your Fortnite characters. The game does not sell any item that will make the character gain more advantage over others. The Fortnite game is a not an advocate of “Pay-2-Win” scheme within the battle royale game.

Also, it would help you to learn that the PlayStation 4 account does not work when ported for the Fortnite for Nintendo Switch or Fortnite for the Xbox One platform. This is due to Sony’s restrictions and whatnots. The same goes for the said game consoles. Their progress on the Fortnite game does not work on the PS4 console.

The good news is that Sony has finally approved cross-platform play for PS4. That means PS4 gamers can now play against Fortnite for Windows device, Fortnite for Mac, Fortnite for Linux, Fortnite ios, and any other Fortnite ports or platforms.


How many GB is fortnite on ps4?

It is 7.5GB file size of fortnite on ps4. As Epic Games are releasing updates on every week, new features are being added to the game and initially the file size increases on each updates.

In Conclusion

The Fortnite for PS4 is a superb addition to the already great roster of games available for the console. But having the worldwide phenomena actually ported within this console is such a treat for all its players. There is another reason to celebrate the console now.

For those of you who have already tried the game, how is the experience so far? Do you think that the PS4 version still needs some improvement? Or perhaps some added feature that we can request to the Fortnite developers? Tell us your thoughts and opinions down below. We would love to learn what you guys think.

Also, you may feel free to leave comments, suggestions, and questions regarding today’s topic. We will be more than happy to answer all your queries the soonest possible time. And finally, thank you so much for reading this far.

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