Download Fortnite for macOS v17.20 (Official Latest Version)

Fortnite for Mac is available, and the battle royale genre has never been more exciting than this. Players of Fortnite Battle Royale will get to fight head to head with the best players all over the world using any popular platform. That means a more exciting era of online gaming is finally here.

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Installing the Fortnite for Mac is easy. As you might have learned already, Fortnite is a multiplatform and cross-platform game title. So yes, there is Fortnite for Windows PC, Fortnite for Xbox One, Fortnite for PlayStation4, and Fortnite for iOS too. And this makes Fortnite the best battle royale game for those who like to fight anybody around the world online.

The Fortnite for Mac can be downloaded from the Epic Games official website. And since Epic Games have made the game free for everyone, you can download it along with your friends. That makes this game more exciting and to watch out for.

Yes, Fortnite is not about to stop anytime soon. The Epic Games have announced that the game will have more updates, upgrades, and will add more features in the coming months.

Anyway, we know you are eager to learn how to download the game. Let’s head straight to the tutorial.

Size56.7 MB
RequirementmacOS Sierra 10.12.6
Last Updated24 Jul 2021

How to Install Fortnite for Mac

Since the Fortnite for Mac was already made available by Epic Games, that means we will not need an emulator to make Fortnite work. Unlike some battle royale that we know of but we can’t really mention right here.

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So for those of you that are a bit new on how a simple software installation works, here is a brief tutorial to get Fortnite for Mac.

  1. First and foremost, open a new tab on your web browser and go to the Epic games official page. Or you can just click this link instead. But that would take you away from this reading material.
  2. Now, on the Epic Games homepage, click on the “Play Free” button.
    Epic Games Homepage
  3. On the next page, click on the “PC/Mac” button.
    Choose the button for Mac
  4. The download should automatically detect your current operating system. But if you are downloading from a different platform like Windows OS but you need the Mac version, just click on the “Mac” button instead.
    Choose Mac
  5. It should now start to download the DMG file.
  6. The file is relatively small at around 50MB or less. When that finishes downloading, click on it to start the installation.
  7. Follow the on-screen prompts. If it asks you to sign in, just type in your email or username plus your password for Epic Games.
  8. If you have not yet registered for an Epic Games account, click on the “Sign Up” button instead.
  9. Fill up the required filled and submit for authentication.
  10. Since this is your first time to sign up, you will need to verify the email you used.
  11. To do this, open another new tab on your web browser and log in to your email account.
  12. On the inbox, you should find the email that you need to click to verify the email you submitted to Epic Games.
  13. A link should be attached inside the email that will verify your account, click on it to get verified.
  14. When you get redirected, it should then tell that the operation was successful.
  15. Now you may proceed to Fortnite installation.
  16. The installer will download the entire game with the size of around 12GB or more depending on the version update that you will get.
  17. If you have a slow internet connection, this will take a long time. A couple of hours would be more accurate. But if you have a fast internet speed, it should finish in around an hour or less.
  18. When the installation finishes, you will see the “Launch” button.
    Click on Launch button
  19. Click on that button to start Fortnite for Mac.
  20. That’s it. You may now enjoy the game and feel free to rock the battle royale mode at your own will.

Fortnite for Mac System Requirements

Not all Mac devices can run Fortnite, especially with the recent updates. But technically, the Fortnite can run on minimum system requirements similar to that of Windows. So generally, here are the minimum system requirements.

  • Intel HD 4000
  • Core i3 2.4 GHz
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Mac OS X Sierra (or above)

Typically, the iMac at 27inch can run the game perfectly fine. The 15inch Mac Book Pro and the Mac Pro can also run the game.

The 13inch Mac Book Air from 2013 is the weakest Mac device, and it can run the game at an average of 24FPS. That is, of course, if it has updated to Mac OS X already. Otherwise, you will need to update it first to the minimum Mac OS version. All other Mac devices older than that or has weaker hardware than that will not be able to run the game.

It would also be best if you run the game without any background apps running or at least keep the background apps to a minimum. Keep in mind that they could still be using hardware resources and that will hinder your Mac device to run the game at its optimum performance entirely. This is highly advised especially for those earlier released Mac devices.


How many GB is fortnite on mac?

It is 9.5 GB on download and 20 GB on installing for mac.

In Conclusion

Fortnite for Mac users will be happy to learn that the Epic Games developers assigned to this game have fixed a lot of earlier bugs. So if you have heard that the Fortnite for Mac version is buggy, do not believe them immediately.

The best thing to do is to try it out first so you can experience it first-hand. You will never really know until you try. You know you can always uninstall the game if you think it is still not suited for you or your device.

So in today’s question, what Mac device are you using to play Fortnite? Tell us in the comment section. We would love to know how many users are still using the earlier versions.

If you have questions relevant to this topic, you may leave your queries down below in the comment section. We will try as soon as possible to respond to all of you. And please do not forget to share this article in case you have a friend or someone you know is interested in installing Fortnite for Mac. We will appreciate the gesture.

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