How to Download Fortnite for Chromebook in 2020

Fortnite for Chromebook is also one of the many means by which you can play Fortnite. The Fortnite Battle Royale game is probably the most popular battle royale and online game right now. It already surpassed PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battleground) in terms of the overall number of gamers.

The fact that the game can run on most platforms now including Android OS, it gets even more popular by the day. Now that the Chromebook devices are able to run Android apps and games, the question stands: Is there a Fortnite for Chromebook?

fortnite for chromebook

The introduction of Fortnite for Android happened at the same time when the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was released. While it is true that Fortnite supports the Android platform, it does not mean that it will run on all Android devices.

The Fortnite game for Android has a very demanding hardware requirement. Just like the Fortnite for PC/laptop, Fortnite Linux, Fortnite for Mac, Fortnite IOS, Fortnite for Nintendo Switch, and Fortnite for PlayStation 4.

Another factor would be about Epic Game, the developer of Fortnite, are the ones who choose the device they want to support for Fortnite. So even if your Chromebook meets the system requirement, you still might not get Fortnite for Chromebook.

How To Install Fortnite for Chromebook

I know that this sounds a bit disappointing, but there is still some silver lining to this issue. The exact Fortnite game cannot run for Chromebook for now, but it does not have to be the end of the world for you. Fortnite is not the only game that has battle royale gameplay for Android. That means you can still play similar games just with a different title.

If you do not mind getting another game title but with similar Fortnite battle royale play, then perhaps you should give our recommendations a chance. Who knows, you might just like it and get hooked in the process. Here are some of the battle royale games you should look out for.

Rules of Survival
Rules of Survival

The Rules of Survival is a battle royale game similar to PUBG. And the fact that Fortnite is inspired by PUBG, the similarity is quite uncanny.

The Rules of Survival game uses the same 100-players battle royale game that pits all its players on one island. The rules are simple; get equipped with all the weapons lying around the island including medicines and make sure to be the one left standing. Do this, and you get to bring home the chicken for dinner.

This battle royale game does not require a monster rig or hardcore system specification. That is why Rules of Survival has more than 150 million users all around the world. And on Android, it rakes up more than 10 million gamers.

If you are looking for a battle royale game with a great number of players to fight against, the RoS battle royale is a contender for you. You will never run out of a skilled opponent here. And because this game is on that level of popularity, there are some occasional cheaters as well. But do not worry. The NetEase Games developers are trying their best to rid the game of these cheaters.

Garena Free Fire
Free Fire

The Garena Free Fire is the same type of game as Rules of Survival and PUBG but with lesser number of opponents. The plot of the game is to drop off 50 players on an island and let them fight to the death.

This game is from Garena International and is one of their best mobile games to date. Getting their inspiration from popular shooting-based games, the Garena Free Fire is worth giving a chance. This battle royale title boasts more than 100 million downloads so opponents for you will never run out. And since you will be fighting for just 49 players, it would not feel a bit too crowded.

For players that are more comfortable with the more fast-paced type of battle royale, the Garena Free Fire should be your preferred choice. The game also lets you roam around on foot, on a vehicle, or just disappear in plain sight. But just remember, you will only have until 10 minutes to make it out alive.

With so many skilled players on this game, I doubt you can even last 3 minutes tops. Perhaps when you get more adept at the controls and gameplay, you could make it and win the game but let me assure you, it will be bloody. Tip: make sure you have the best mouse for Fortnite.

Survivor Royale
Survivor Royale

The Survivor Royale is from the same team that brought you Rules of Survival, the NetEase Games. This battle royale game is the most similar when it comes to PUBG mobile version. But frankly speaking, it still feels like Rules of Survival.

The difference that we have noticed is that this game has much larger maps and seems to have more weapons and accessories to choose from. Plus, this game is geared towards lower-end devices. So in a way, this is the best alternative for Fortnite for Chromebook due to hardware specifications.

Despite the Survivor Royale’s late arrival to the scene, it takes a promising approach for all battle royale fans. It seems NetEase Games is preparing this game to compete for head to head against PUBG. As of writing, we found that they have also developed a PC version of this game. So we are guessing that the developers have big plans for Survivor Royale.

This game may not have a large audience and that many players yet, but it still is a great game nevertheless. Currently, it raked more than 5 million downloads and still counting. Give it time, and we should witness this game to be rocking the battle royale scene as well.


If your Chromebook is a 2017 or later model, there’s a good chance that your device can already run Android apps and games especially the latest ones. But if you have a much earlier version, you might not be able to run any Android games at all. Perhaps you could use the Chrome extension, but it does not really run any Android apps or games that well.

If you want to know more or want to know if your device belongs to the Android support project for Chromebook, then here is the list for you.

In Conclusion

The Fortnite for Chromebook is not possible right now. Epic Games developers are filtering devices that can run the game, and some serious consideration about the compatibility must be met. And Chromebook users hoping for Fortnite support is a bit not applicable right now. So we apologize if you feel disappointed right now.

But if you just want to play battle royale, the three titles we just shared you are the closest things to Fortnite for Chromebook. If all your friends are playing Fortnite and you are the one left behind for having only the Chromebook as your device, you can do two things. One is to get a device that can run Fortnite. Or two, invite your friends to play the games we mentioned for your Chromebook. Otherwise, you have no choice but to play against other players using the game.

But hey, there is a good turn to these games. While you are saving for money to get a Fortnite-supported device, you can use these games to train your shooting skills and get familiarized on how battle royale works. How does that sound?

If you have questions, feel free to leave your queries in the comment section below. We will try to get back to you as soon as we can.

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