9 Best Fortnite Dance Moves to Try in Real Life – How to Do It!

You can’t deny that Fortnite has become famous in our generation. But you can’t fully enjoy this game without trying the Fortnite Dances and emotes. You can also explore Fortnite Able to know more about the game.

fortnite dances

Fortnite is the newest game today. It becomes worldwide since the games are available on different devices, they can download Fortnite for PC, Fortnite PS4 or PS3 and Fortnite Xbox One and also on mobile devices there are Fortnite android or Fortnite iOs.

Indeed, the genuine objective is to be the last man standing after finishing the match. But one of the favorite parts of the game is the Fortnite Dances and emotes.

In this article, you will discover more Fortnite dances. And you will learn where it originates.

What Are Fortnite Dance Moves?

Like the other video games nowadays, Fortnite also has unique features like ’emotes’ that allow players character to move or make gestures for other players. You can choose from simple movement to a complex simulation of dance moves.

Some Fortnite dances came along when the Fortnite is released, and more have added for the past existence. Each Dance is available to purchase with V-bucks, a currency in-game that can acquire for real money. Dances can’t give you game advantages, but it is fun and enjoyable, especially when you are mocking your enemies.

How Fortnite dances become popular?

It began on March 30, 2018, while Epic Games launched a contest. The ‘Boogiedown Challenge,’ in which players will upload their videos on social media platforms with a hashtag #BoogieDown.

The winner will get their actual dances recreated in the game as a dance emote. While others can get V-bucks and cosmetics items for their characters.

The contest became viral, a lot of videos posted from children and teenagers showing their dance moves. Today, Fortnite dance videos are famous, with more dance challenge videos and GIFs that people were trying to imitate.

Best Fortnite dances

There’s a lot of dances that you can try. We will share with you the best Fortnite dances in real life. Read the details below.

boogie down

1. Boogie Down

The Boogie Down emote is the winning submitted entries in Boogiedown Challenge by Twitter user ‘populutus’. This move can obtain by merely enabling Fortnite 2FA.

2. Best Mates

With its huge, high-kneed steps and strange posture, Best Mates more like an exercise routine than an actual dance. Best Mates has created the base from the Dance invented in 2016 by Viner Marlon Webb.


3. Floss Dance

The floss dance, a.k.a flossing, it is totally like the name suggests. Its waving arm motions from back to front and side to side looks like you are flossing a giant tooth. The Dance was originated in May 2010 by Ryan Mayall. It became famous when ‘Backpack Kid’ Russell Horning perform it on an episode of Saturday Night Live together with Katy Perry.

4. Turk’s Dance

Fortnite’s default dance is also known as ‘Dance Moves,’ and stolen from the dance moves of the character Turk on the series Scrubs that perform the funky Dance in one episode.

5. Electro Shuffle

A classic street dance that made the circling in Parisian nightclubs, the Electro Shuffle is one of Fortnite’s most famous dances. It’s well-known enough. Jimmy Fallon and K-pop group BTS performed it on air.


6. Robot

The bumpy, mechanical, and highly flexible moves of the Fortnite Robot dance is a tribute to a dance that originated in the 1960s. The original Robot became famous when Michael Jackson performs it in 1973 in Jackson 5.

7. Fresh Dance

Fresh Dance is from wacky moves by Carlton’s in the classic sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It is a tribute to actor Alfonso Ribeiro’s unique Dance, which inspired by Bruce Springsteen and Eddie Murphy’s moves.

8. Flapper

The Flapper dance named from the flapper in 1920s generation of women who ignored the conservative custom of the era. They are Protesting with cigarettes, makeup, gender liberation, and outrageous lifestyle.

Flappersare related in Charleston dance. Also, it involves large arm movements in synchronizing with elegant and cheerful steps.

9. Orange Justice

The Orange Justice dance was created by ‘Orange Shirt Kid,’ the entry submitted in Boogiedown Challenge. He didn’t win the contest, but his Dance becomes viral in social media. Then Epic finally added it in the later patch as the fans demands.

Let’s Dance

All of these Fortnite Dances are fun to do. And some require proper coordination of the body. It can add a bit of exercise to your daily routine. So if you like any of these dances, don’t be afraid and give yourself a shot.

Do you have more Dance to suggest? Have you tried these steps? We will love to hear about your experience. Please leave a comment below.

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