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Fortnite creative codes are also one of the essentials in the Fortnite gaming. Are you searching for the best codes from Epic’s Creative mode? Fortnite has been progressive. Enhancing Fortnite PvE experience into a battle royale game.

Today it is a gaming platform where players may build their dream minigames. Aside from Fortnite creative codes, check out Fortnite Able if you need more knowledge about Fortnite.

fortnite creative codes

In Creative Mode, players have a right to prefab structures, assets, and gameplay objects from the map, including a few brand new items, stuff, and mechanics. To make sure that the game modes can operate. Fortnite Creative Mode is an exceptional work for the first issue.

Creators create incredible maps and games for everybody to try out. If you don’t want to spend more time on your creation. Being a fan of Fortnite game, we wanted you to know all the aspects that will help you enjoy it more. Here, we also have Fortnite dances, Fortnite 2FA, Fortnite leaks, Fortnite coloring pages, and its system requirements. Don’t forget to use the best mouse for Fortnite.

These builds can use via Fortnite Creative code. Which have 12-digit Island Codes that you can use to jump into other player’s Creative islands. For you to discover what you’re searching for, we divided the list of Creative Codes based on their category.

  • Minigames
  • Multiplayer maps
  • Edit courses
  • Build and Recreation
  • Racing Maps

You can download the game on different devices such as Fortnite for PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. For more accessible, you can also learn how to have Fornite in iOs or Fortnite in Android. All of this is for free.

Creative Minigames

I know everyone loves games, so we put minigames in Fortnite. Here are the codes that you’ll need.

Mini Golf – 6297-1471-3952

This course has 15 holes. Along with the five worlds and has a secret shortcut and difficulty obstacles.

Climb and Slide – 9678-3003-4723

This board game seems to be very easy. It randomly rolls the dice. Which has a music sequencer and Baller spawners working behind to create random numbers.

Hunt for Prop – 7376-0341-4655

The most straightforward prop hunt map with various assets that you and your teammates can use to disguise. With adequate interiors, vertically, and a variation of props to hunt. It is a great balance prop hunt we’ve played.

Fortnite Multiplayer Maps

Are you looking for the new map codes to test the new system? We present to you the best Fornite Island Codes.

Dust II – 5253-4025-7629

The creator, Various Purple, knows what everyone’s favorite – as well as the most iconic map from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dust II, and built it in Fortnite Creative mode. Sometimes it can be difficult to judge correctly the spacing when recreating maps from other games.

But the Various Purple did a great job; Dust II is a real source. Gather with your friends and play the game of team deathmatch.

Mystery Market – 7693-3640-8910

Show off the Tilted Towers clock tower in the center, this map tightly packed with several shops and greenery. Underneath the exterior, you can see more secret passages that will lead you directly in a quaint market village, with remarkable detail.

It will become a great location map if this Fortnite Creative code includes it in The Block. This Creative map is free games for all or in team elimination games.

Sky Snipes – 1743-2048-4798

It turned the presented video for neat free-for-all island to a mini montage that demonstrates some extraordinary snipes and no-scopes. The map alone has various floating islands, like an asteroid field.

The players should work on Grapplers and Bouncers to hover around the map and remove each other using Hunting Rifles. Recommended for two to four players, Sky Snipes is a lovely and original creation. Also, it has a lot of fun.

Risky Runways – 5542-7687-4547

The main accent of Risky Runways is a small, exposed airfield with bold colors to weep and multiple floors to help extensive action in team elimination modes. There are a couple of houses to one side and a picnic area in the center. These are alongside with two planes and a few Quadcrashers by the spawn zone. This creative code suggests mixed, large-scale battles for teams, and completes carnage if you choose Fortnite FFA modes.

Shady Station – 3457-5326-8252

Shady Station is a different creature with an excellent showcase video, and this period explains the creators’ thought procedure behind their submission for The Block. There are three significant landmarks in Shady Station, and everyone looks like an abandoned industrial construction.

The bus station is the best part thanks to the abundant piles of tires that you can use to improve a quick height advantage on enemies. If you select close-quarters combat, then you’ll need to visit the apartment complex where you can track your prey over eight apartments, a penthouse suite, and a laundry area.

Modern Warfare – 6412-7533-9638

Additional map recreation and this stage are Terminal from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Only one of the most excellent maps in the game and everybody’s favorite. The massive passenger plane is the only section of the original map that looks a bit uncomfortable in Fortnite form, but then it still serves its purpose for skilled snipers.

Twisted Temple – 1217-3985-3745

Simple but elegant, this temple theme’s deathmatch arena claims more space for vertical play. One of the best Fortnite FFA maps through numerous loots spawns and angles to watch.

Bounce Pad Deathmatch – 8792-1332-7866

Bold colors help you to target your enemy in this arena. That is easy; they are likely soaring on your screen using a high volume of bounce pads dotted around the space. If you are not a twitchy game player, you don’t have to worry. It is just like a giant bouncy castle, and every bounce pad purposely placed for you to restrain them together many times before you run out of energy.

Fortnite Courses and Parkour Maps

Fortnite Creative goes beyond their boundaries of being a famous Epic’s Battle Royale, so we will show you the best map codes that are worth trying. You can use the best mouse for Fortnite to win the game. Here are the edit courses and parkour maps that will catch your attention.

NEON-SURF PARKOUR Course – 0983-2790-7319

It’s barely as elegant as a CS: GO surf map, but this Fortnite Creative code deals a puzzling twist on the standard deathrun by in-charging players to master their hopping and sliding skills. It’s also not too provoking, unlike the other majority of Fortnite deathruns.

Warp up Course – 5618-2963-5299

This innovative warm-up course by OfficialCanDook is perfect for skilled players who want to practice their quick editing and construction maneuvers. It features some corridors and steep inclines that you must edit to get through. Together with a timer at the beginning of the map for ten minutes.

We only succeeded in completing it in about six minutes – it’s hard. But it’s a great way to increase your constructing and editing speed so you can move more assuredly in real games.

Dread Pirate Jonesy’s Deathrun – 2167-3396-1292

How can you stop Deathruns from going old? Make one about pirates, of course. The purpose here is to discover Jonesy’s secret treasure, and yet a slew of dangerous obstacles stand in your way. Before you race off to your death, still, take a minute to appreciate the map itself. Boats act as a wall of security between you and starving sharks, although nearby taverns make you feel like you’re a part of this Fortnite and Pirates of the Caribbean mixed up.

Mongraals £400 Comp – 0643-0361-6954

If you are confident in your building abilities, then you can enter this player-made contest. Your building and editing skills must be at least average to get through this challenge in the selected ten minutes. Don’t worry about the three minute times to be recorded by some of the best Fortnite players. It is a great way to heat up in Fortnite and will help you to rule build battles.

Warm-up Course – 6561-6398-2653

This humbler Fortnite edit course stretches you a chance to flex all of your various skills in one run. Including, Building, editing, shooting, jumping, and more. It’s not intense as confident of the other edit or warms up courses here. But then it’s excellent for an extended practice period.

Explorer – 6224-0839-9043

More of a difficult course than a trial or edit course, Explorer quickly chains together different types of traversal, traps, and obstacles to produce a run that keeps you solving every step of the way.

Snippers vs Runners– 7352-4203-8482

Another map from IdiotsPlayGames, this Fortnite Creative minigame, entails at least two players. The idea is simple: one player battings a serpentine course while the other player attempts to snipe them before they reach the end. It’s a perception we’ve seen before in games like Halo and Garry’s Mod, but now it’s in Fortnite. This can be a fantastic way to exercise your sniping, too, as a lot of Fortnite players strive to land sniper shots on moving targets.

Temple Run – 5001-0003-6492

Additional parkour course that is popular on YouTube, this Temple Run-inspired Fortnite map, the players throw dynamite at the start of the track to start the chain collapse and then run fast as much as possible, jumping across near-impossible gaps and avoiding traps in the way. It’s rough and filled with creative obstacles that will set you through your bounds.

Plumbers Parkour – 5273-8887-4633

This Mario-themed parkour map won’t level the likes of Tfue and Ninja, but for the mortal between us searching for a light parkour map, this is a great pick. It has overflowing color and sorts some creative traversal mechanics, as well as firing yourself out of cannon to cross dangerous land.

Fortnite Racing Maps

Do you prefer to play on a racing track? Here are the codes for the racing in Fortnite map.

Rifty’s Race – 1330-3984-1519

Soon after preparing this map, you’re in for a treat through the enormous ramp you must race your ATK up, which promises a broad jump and an aerial commotion as you and your team battle to be on top. This is a much uncomplicated ATK race course map than other Fortnite Creative codes, but eventually, that means more space to show your powersliding ability.

ATK Darts – 8702-3766-0944

Unquestionably, it’s not a race by itself, but it is an excellent combination of vehicles into Fortnite Creative mode. The goal is simple, try to plot your ATK as close to the target as possible, trying variations of powerslides to form speed and make sure your aim is perfect as you fly off the ramp. It is a great chance to play with friends.

Mega Track Survival Race – 4565-3085-7481

This race track in Fortnite is the polar opposite to Rifty’s Race; it’s packed with deadly traps, tricky jumps, and obstacles you won’t notice until it’s too late. If you love observing your friends suffer as an unseen bounce pad, take them off the map, then this map is for you.

Aside from Fortnite for PC. You can also try Fortnite Mac, Linux, and Chromebook. By the way, some people buy Fortnite accounts but we still suggest you try playing from scratch if you want to really enjoy playing.


Everything that is featured here is playable in Fortnite’s Creative mode. If you want to try to create something by yourself, be sure that you use our Fortnite Creative mode guide for help. Who knows, maybe your creation will be the next featured on The Block?

We will be grateful to receive suggestions. Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below.

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