12 Amazing Fortnite Coloring Pages for Kids in 2020

Fortnite coloring pages is probably one of the reasons why Fortnite attracts many gamers. Fortnite is one of the best battle games of the century. Aside from giving an exciting game, you can also enjoy it by bringing your artistic skills.

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fortnite coloring Pages

Fortnite coloring pages are an enjoyable way for kids and kids at heart. It develops creativity, focus, motor skills, and color recognition. There are more Fortnite coloring pages that you can find over the internet for free. Here we have enumerated some character that you can enjoy in coloring pages.

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What is Fortnite?

Fortnite Battle Royale is an online game by Epic Games. With a maximum of 100 players that will drop on an island to battle each other. Battle Royale is played, giving to the last man standing principle.

Many players enjoy this game because of the thrilling and suspense experience. They also enjoy coloring the characters and customize them based on their artistic skills in Fortnite coloring pages.

Character and skin

In Fortnite coloring pages, you can color the characters you want. It will base on your creativity and style. For example, you want the girl to be in black suits. Then you will color her suit black. To look more realistic image, you can decorate the character base on their style and characteristic.

  • Zoey – She has a funny-looking costume; a pink top and black and white stripe leggings. You may color Zoey’s cap pink while her hair is green with some bright colors on some cute details.
  • Tomatohead – He got a big red tomato head. Then his costume should be in color green.
  • Jonesy – Jonesy is the main character in Fortnite. He has blue eyes and blonde hair. Being a top commander, you can color his costume green or make it camouflage.
  • Fyra – Fyra is an epic Fortnite outfit. Having a hunter costume, you can combine color black, brown, and white on her.
  • Firewalker – Firewalker is a rare-rarity outfit in Fortnite. Being a fire, you can use blue on his body and mix orange and red on his clothes.
  • Skull Trooper – Skull Trooper is an epic outfit in Fortnite. He is black with white bones like the skeleton, but with a green glow.
  • Lil Whip – A smiling ice cream cone mascot skin in Fortnite. You can color it yellow with a red jacket and sky blue pants.
  • Glimmer – A legendary outfit in Fortnite. Glimmer has a winter theme, that’s why you can use color blue and white on her.
  • Callisto – is a rare outfit in Fortnite. She was wearing a black jacket, a white shirt, and a purple skirt. She also has pink hair with a purple bat-wing headband. 
  • Diecast – He is one of the rare male-only outfits in Fortnite. He looks like a soldier that why you can use green on him or make it like camouflage.
  • Dazzle – is one of the female costumes in Fortnite. Her pants can be black or gray, and her top is yellow with gray and white details.
  • Cipher – is a rare outfit in Fortnite. You can use black and red on her clothes and accessories with yellow on the details.


There are more characters that you can enjoy in Fortnite coloring pages. You can use your imagination and artistic skills to make your character more realistic. I know you have additional suggestions on how to color the specific characters. We love to hear it on the comment below.

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