5 Best Gaming Mouses for Fortnite Every Gamer Should Have!

The best mouse for Fortnite is what exactly you need to make sure you will enjoy this popular game. Online gaming is not just about monstrous processing power and eye-popping graphics display. Real gamers know that beyond the beautiful 3D-rendered world, the gameplay means nothing without the help of the keyboard’s low level of latency and the mouse’s exceptional precision.

With the Fortnite Battle Royale game, the mouse’s real-time performance can do a world of difference the moment you point that crosshair to your unknowing victim. So in this article, we will be talking about the best mouse for Fortnite.

best mouse for fortnite

For console gaming like Fortnite for Sony PS4, Fortnite for Switch, or Fortnite for Xbox One, its the joystick or the handheld ergonomics will count.  On the PC platform, the mouse, whether wired or wireless, is one of the essences of real-time gaming. Although many would agree that the wired mouse will always win the lowest latency competition, the wireless is surely not too far behind.

But we are not really here to make a comparison between a wired and a wireless mouse. We are here to talk about the mouse that can actually keep up with the Fortnite type of gameplay. It is the kind of mouse that no matter how competitive the situation is, it does not falter even at the millisecond.

There are a couple of candidates for the best mouse for Fortnite. In fact, a couple of brands could easily pop into mind on many users and gamers. There is the Logitech, Razer, Corsair, and SteelSeries that are well-known for impressive reliability and precision. Not to mention the design that they boast compared to the market.

What makes the Best Mouse for Fortnite?

There are different features that make a mouse great for gaming and in this article, the best mouse for Fortnite. Although we can safely say that each player has his own preference, we will just call this one a general requirement and preference.

We, gamers, have played our share of games both offline and online. But for those who have played a great amount of time on their favorite titles, they know what puts a great mouse apart from any other. There are three major factors that should be considered when using a mouse for gaming or generally long usage.

  • Ergonomics
  • Weight
  • Features

These are important factors as their benefits will typically only surface in the long run or extended gameplay. For one good example, the size factor affects the grip in the ergonomics department.

If your hand has spent enough time on an optical mouse, you will notice that the muscles on your palm start to feel slight cramps through hours of clicking and moving through the mouse pad. And this is more apparent when your mouse is not properly fitted onto your palm’s size.

The stress is even greater on the wrist area where the most weight of your hand is being directed. This is why ergonomics matter. And you should consider giving this some importance because it causes lumps and stress on your hand. In the long run, you could get ganglion cyst if you ignore this.

The weight factor is the one that gives the player the stability it needs when playing. A lightweight mouse is alright for some users, but a mouse with a significant and proper weight can provide more precision to a gamer. The crosshair does not easily slip or wiggle away from your target. And this defines your victory at the end of the game.

As with features, there are mice that have extra buttons on the side. They are usually re-mappable according to your needs. This will add more functionality to the mouse and better access to some more important buttons that you use more frequently.

Best Mouse for Fortnite

We have listed three best mice that you can use for hardcore gaming. One on this list might be your best mouse for Fortnite. We have chosen only three, but we all know there are more out there. So we will only be listing the ones we have already tried to give you a more honest opinion.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum


The Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is currently the most renowned mouse on precision and features. Gamers reviewed this mouse as a stable and reliable pointing device that can translate hand movement right on the screen.

This mouse has an adjustable resolution from 200 up to 2,000 DPI (Dot Per Inch). So that means, if you are into superb clarity using ultra-resolution, this mouse can keep up just fine. Whether you’re playing Fortnite on Chromebook or Fortnite for other platforms, you cannot go wrong with this mouse.

Another brilliant feature of this mouse is its re-mappable keys using its native software. You can actually put most controls that you use on your keyboard to the mouse alone.

For the added customization, the G502 Proteus Spectrum supports RGB lighting using the Logitech Gaming Software. This will enable the user to change the RGB lighting the way you want it to. You may also adjust the weight of this mouse because it is designed to be tunable for balance and ergonomics.

Yes, one look and this mouse scream of gaming. That first glance you take, and you know right away that this should be your best mouse for Fortnite.




The BenQ ZOWIE EC2-A is a mouse for the more professional gamers. Those that want simplicity but still can rock the game arena anytime and at any given place, this is the mouse that delivers.

To give you an idea of why this mouse is made for champions is the fact that it can deliver a resolution from 400 up to 3,500 DPI. That is total precision right onto the highest settings possible. It can also perform in an adjustable report rate from 125 to 1000 Hz.

The BenQ ZOWIE EC2-A is made for ergonomics, so the size fits generally for most right-handed gamers. This will provide longer comfort and less stress on the wrist.

This mouse also has five buttons. So that means there are two extra buttons on the side perfect for some extra functions when you need it closer and more accessible. And lastly, the Zowie EC2-A is plug-and-play so you will not have to worry about its compatibility whether you are playing Fortnite for Windows OS or Fortnite for Mac.




The Corsair M65 is a gaming mouse on a budget. It delivers the best things from a high-end gaming mouse but at a much cheaper cost.

Just so you know, the Corsair M65 focuses on precision as well as its design. This feature places the M65 as a possible best mouse for Fortnite.

Here’s an impressive fact about this device. It can perform and deliver to a resolution from 400 to 12,000 DPI. If that is not precise enough for you, we don’t know what else is.

This mouse is made of aircraft-grade materials that are lightweight and durable. The metal is not as heavy as any aluminum device, but it has some bulk that brings ergonomics to a proper balance. If you want, you can tune the weight by adjusting its center of gravity to suit your wrist’s natural strength perfectly.

The M65 has an on-the-fly DPI switching to bring you precise crosshair experience especially when you go sniper mode. And then there are eight buttons to give you more functionality and access without leaving the mouse.

Being a gaming mouse, the Corsair M65 has RGB functions as well. It is customizable with color calibration to give you that gaming mode feel. Add that to the amazing high-capacity Omron switch that can provide its users up to 20 million precision clicks.

Best Mouse for Fortnite Special Mentions

Those three are just a few of the gaming mouse that we can recommend to you. There are more mice that can actually deliver top performance for the demanding gamers in you. Anyway, here are some of the special mentions that you might want to consider if you think the first three is not enough for you.


❓ Are gaming mice worth it?

Gaming mice are costly, but they are worth the investment for peak gameplay performance. There are different range of gaming mouse: All-Purpose Mouse, FPS Mouse, MMO Mouse, RTS Mouse, Customizable Mouse. Choose your gaming mouse on your needs.

❓ Why gaming mouse are so expensive?

Gaming Mouse is so expensive because of the packaging, marketing, internal software development, and hardware design.

In Conclusion

In a shooting game against a hundred people, precision is not something that you easily take for granted. While your skills are a big factor, the tools that you need to achieve your full potential must also be able to keep up with you. And this is the world of gamers.

So, did you find the best mouse for Fortnite Battle Royale that you can use? If you do, tell us what it is and why you chose it. We would love to know what you think.

Also, if you think you know of a gaming mouse that is not included in this list, feel free to share it with us. Tell us why it should be included. Who knows, it might just be in the next list of the best mouse for Fortnite article.

If you have some questions and even suggestions, feel free to leave a message down in the comment section. We will try to answer all your queries as soon as we can and as much as we can. Thank you for reading this far.

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